Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention

There are many reasons of abrupt falls, such as acute or chronic medical conditions, declined vision, physical conditions, side-effects of medications, mental impairments, and advanced age in general. In order to prevent the serious injuries as a result of sudden falls, Loyal Home Care offers Fall Prevention service to your aging loved one.

This service applies various methods to keep your senior family member on tracks. For instance, our caregivers will observe the environment for potentially unsafe conditions and will provide suggestions for developing a safe home environment, if needed. And, perhaps, the crucial part of fall prevention service is providing one-to-one observation with the patient and monitoring the patient’s cardiovascular status, heart rate, rhythm, and blood pressure for cardiac arrhythmias and orthostatic hypotension.

Finally, after consulting with the patient’s physician, our home health nurses will also look to establish a home exercise program with balance training, which is proven to be an effective long-term solution against abrupt falls.

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